All around straw and fragrant hay. Like "a bed in the cornfield", only with a rustic roof over your head, combined with a hint of adventure.

Romantic night in a "Heustadl"

A “Heustadl” is a hut made of solid wood, which for centuries have been used to store hay directly on the fields in the Salzburg region. Even then, tired hikers used the bulging hay bar to rest and spend the night. Only modern harvesting methods have almost "wiped out" the hay barn. We saved such a gem for posterity.

You sleep directly on the hay but in cozy, high-quality bed linen and breathe the scent of the dried meadow grasses. It is soothing, healthy and relaxing in equal measure. A deep and restful sleep sets in. And one thing is certain:

You can't get more romantic than that, see for yourself:
No matter for a wedding or birthday gift, or any occasion, this gift will remain in the positive memory of the recipient for a long time. A little tip: You can also gift yourself with it. 


1 overnight stay in the Heustadl for 2 people

  • including an additional studio with shower / toilet in the guesthouse, as well as a full picnic basket for dinner in 7 courses & rich buffet breakfast.
    Price: € 338,-

Extra nights in the guesthouse (without "Heustadl" available at a special price.

Picnic basket vegetarian: Only possible on request with surcharge and timely pre-order


Angelika & Elisabeth Berti - A-5632 Dorfgastein - Unterberg 110